Andy Gallagher


I'm a software engineer from Philadelphia. I'm interested in creating simple, beautiful interactions for the web and crypto. I serve as the technical co-founder of a web3 studio a⚡️c and work as a front end developer at YC startup 1build.

My portfolio consists of my work of web things written in React, native applications written in Kotlin, and smart contracts written in Solidity.

Recent Work

Reflections — Mint Site (Solidity, JavaScript, React)

Cooked up a contract for a mint page for photography artist Cody Mayer. I worked with Pinata, Alchemy and hardhat to personally deploy every part of this custom NFT minting experience.

Robotic Imaging WWW
Robotic Imaging WWW (Gatsby, AWS, GraphQL)

Designed and developed the company website for Robotic Imaging, a construction technology company. The site was built using Gatsby and SCSS; site data is sourced from the company's WordPress and Instagram. Deployed to S3 and edge-cached on a Cloudfront CDN.

Barnes IIIF Deep Viewer (React, TypeScript)

Written largely around a fork of the OpenSeaDragon library which manages images tiled in a specific directory structure.

This project was eventually included in our collection site, although a bit of guerilla patching was needed here. This was necessary in order to get this to work with the version of tiles that we had versus what OpenSeaDragon would "accept". We basically decided to just settle on this nasty hack as this was needed for some digital classes ASAP and computing new tiles would be A) expensive and B) take too much time. When perfect isn't available, good enough will suffice!

app.1build (TypeScript, GraphQL, Go)

I've developed features for the 1build (YC W2020) core application ranging from authentication, internal ratings tools, and file management.

Working across the stack, I've implemented schema design, written GraphQL resolvers, and handled rendering payloads in React.

Barnes Online Collection — Revisions (React, JavaScript, Redux)

Redesigned the Barnes' collection page to match some killer designs from Area17. Amazingly talented crew over there, the designs here were so strong that it was really just making it mirror-up to the px.

Side note: this redesign exposed me to an old but incredibly clever breakpoint mixin that I still crib to this day!

Barnes Contactless Ticketing for Temi
Barnes Contactless Ticketing for Temi (Kotlin, Figma, UI/UX)

The Barnes closed to the public in late March of 2020 due to COVID-19. As part of the reopening plan in late July, we developed an automated capacity management system to make sure that we were compliant with Philadelphia's venue guidelines.

As part of this initiative, I developed the visitor-facing Android application that scans barcodes and ushers users into the Barnes. Designs were outlined in Figma and written up in Kotlin over the course of 3 weeks while the node.js server was built concurrently by our lead, Chris.

Barnes Live
Barnes Live (React, AWS, Serverless)

We bolted together AWS Interactive Video Service for the low latency live video feed and Stream for our chat. Everything here was locked into place using React and node.js, deployed via Serverless to AWS Lambda.

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